06 giugno 2006

New multilingual speech solutions for Mac OS X

di Giorgio Natili

[New multilingual speech solutions for Mac OS X]
Posted by: Giorgio Natili

AssistiveWare today announced that it has partnered with Acapela Group to bring two new high quality speech solutions to Mac OS X: Infovox iVox and VisioVoice. Both products are expected at the end of June.

Infovox iVox, which will be distributed worldwide by AssistiveWare, can also be used with Tiger's built-in VoiceOver screen reader, but non-English users also need VisioVoice to hear all the VoiceOver menus and messages in their own language.

Infovox iVox will also be included as part of a bundle with AssistiveWare's upcoming VisioVoice product. VisioVoice is a product for blind and vision impaired Mac users that adds multilingual support to Apple's excellent VoiceOver technology (initially French, English and Dutch; other languages will follow).

Both products are Universal Binaries and can be used on PowerPC and Intel Macs.